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Thursday, 10 June 2021

Taxi Credit Card Surcharge Rip-Off
In 2016, the Reserve Bank of Australia implemented new rules which banned excessive debit and credit card surcharges. This put an end to ridiculous credit card fees like $8.50 Jetstar booking fees on $19 airfares, with businesses no longer allowed to pass on more than the actual cost of accepting card payments.

Yet, the taxi industry is exempt from these rules and taxi drivers in most Australian states continue to charge a 5% surcharge for debit and credit card payments. That's much higher than the actual cost of card payment merchant fees, which are generally no more than 1-2%. So, why are taxis treated differently?
Why Sri Lankan Duty-Free Sells Whitegoods
The experience of arriving at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is just like most other airports around the world. Except for one thing: the huge number of duty-free stores selling bulky whitegoods and electronics. In most more...
June's Best Velocity Credit Card Offers  
Looking to increase your Virgin Australia Velocity points balance? Credit card sign-up bonus offers are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do it. By applying for a new credit card, paying the annual fee (if applicable) and completing a minimum more...  
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Upcoming Frequent Flyer Solutions webinar...
Understanding Australian Credit Card Rewards Programs
8pm (AEST) on Wednesday, 16 June 2021
When choosing a points-earning credit card, you'll usually have the option of earning points directly with an airline or earning points with the bank's own rewards program.

While many Australians choose a co-branded Qantas Frequent Flyer credit card by default, there are some key advantages to earning points with credit card loyalty programs instead. This includes the flexibility to transfer points to multiple different airlines, giving you much greater access to award flights across multiple airlines - and often better value, too. Using a credit card rewards program is also a great "insurance policy" against the expiry or devaluation of airline points!

There are more than a dozen credit card rewards programs in Australia including Amex Membership Rewards, ANZ Rewards, NAB Rewards and Westpac Altitude. Some offer excellent value, while others are mediocre at best. The upcoming Frequent Flyer Solutions webinar provides an overview of all the major programs, reveals the best ones and explains how to redeem your credit card points for the maximum possible value.
This online webinar hosted by Matt Graham will take place at 8pm (AEST) on Wednesday, 16 June 2021! To attend, you must register in advance.
Learn more or register for this webinar
If You Thought Qantas Business Isn't Overpriced...
Compare the pair. Same domestic flight, same date. Same class of travel. But one of these tickets includes 5 extra flights and a holiday in Hawaii... yet is $600 cheaper!

Jetstar A320 Economy Class Review
3.0 stars
                                                          out of 5
We recently tried out Jetstar's A320 Economy Class experience on a New Zealand domestic flight.
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28 Jun
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