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Monday, 16 November 2020

Qantas Celebrates 100th Birthday in Unfortunate Circumstances
Today, Qantas became just the third airline in the world after KLM and Avianca to turn 100 years old! It's a remarkable achievement for the flying kangaroo, which began its life as "The Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited" (abbreviated to QANTAS) on 16 November 1920.

Podcast #49: The Qantas Centenary
In Episode 49 of AFF on AIR, Qantas Founders Museum curator Tom Harwood explains how Qantas developed from an idea in the outback to the national carrier.
Finally, There's Some Good News in 2020
With vaccine trials going well, the Victorian COVID-19 outbreak now under control and state borders reopening, there's finally some light at the end of the tunnel.
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Featured AFF Member Trip Report
What a capital idea - a quick Canberra visit
Trip report by bpeteb | As many of you are aware (from my posts on the whose flying domestic thread) we visited Canberra last weekend. I have a niece who is a radiation oncologist at the Canberra hospital, our friends who put us up at the embassy in Tokyo have returned home and most important of all bigal hasn't ever been. This trip was one of our 'fill every long weekend' jaunts, a few of which haven't panned out as hoped. read more...
AFF Member Profile
This week we interviewed AFF member Blackadder from Sydney. Blackadder joined Australian Frequent Flyer in 2008 and has so far made 954 posts.
Q: Where did you go on your last trip?
A: SYD-SFO-SNA, then returning LAX-SYD.
Q: Where will you go when the current travel bans are lifted?
A: To the USA, to visit friends in Southern California, and do a status run across Mainland US, and to/from Puerto Rico.
Q: Favourite airline?
A: Qantas & American Airlines. A lot of my international flights are from Sydney to the US. The Oneworld alliance works best in terms of seamless transfers going from International to Domestic.
Q: What's one piece of advice you would give to a new AFF member?
A: Why fly direct when you can connect.
Q: Favourite thread on AFF?
A: Status Credit Runs. This got me on to the idea to boost my status credits for very little extra outlay.
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